• Image of Next On The Menu - French Fries 12" edition

12.25" x 12.25" hand pulled 3 color silkscreen print in a limited edition of 20, with 5 Artist Proofs, signed and numbered.

The Next on The Menu series is artist SELF UNO'S exploration of food related lyrics from the Golden Age of Hip Hop music, dating from the late 1970's old school formation through the 1990's true school phase. The first four prints in the series are silk screens hand pulled in Los Angeles featuring Flavor Flav, Biz Markie, KRS ONE, and LL COOL J. Check out French Fries, Alphabet Soup, Spaghetti and Peach, which you can enjoy whether you're a true school Hip-Hopper, a foodie, or both. Take a close look at the illustrations for the symbols and visual presentation of classic rap lyrics.

タマネギとニンニク (Tamanegi to nin'niku) = onion and garlic

フレンチフライドポテト (Furenchifuraidopoteto)= french fried potato

Flavor Flav the flave of all flavors
onion and garlic french fried potatoes
make your breath stink / breathe fire
make any onion the best crier

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